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Startup Asia: Top Strategies for Cashing in on Asia's Innovation Boom
November 29, 2011
Required reading for anyone involved in innovation, U.S. competitiveness or U.S.-Asian relations,

Silicon Dragon and climate change
November 25, BusinessWorld
“The book is Fannin’s exhaustive chronicle of the stories of several of China’s movers and shakers in technology and innovation.”

China May Spring Surprises by Taking Tech Lead
November 19, Financial Times
“The country that invented gunpowder, paper and the compass may spring a surprise with the speed at which it achieves a lead in many modern technologies.”

Tech Savvy Chinese Entrepreneurs
October 18, Manila Times
“Journalist Fannin identified these hot up-and-comers”

Here Be Dragons
April 5, The Guardian
“Yes, this is definitely a new sort of dragon.”

China’s New Frontier
April 2, The Wall Street Journal
“Will the next Steve Jobs be made in China? Possibly so.”

Putting the Dragon in its Place
March 2008
A useful primer to China's tech movers and shakers

How China is Winning the Tech Race
2/3/2008, Singapore Tech Blog

BNET Insight

Non-fiction reviews
12/25/2007, Publishers Weekly
Silicon Dragon: How China Is Winning the Tech Race
An optimistic look at China's IT and technology industries that may unsettle the odd American

New China Business Books
12/24/2007, Danwei

How Silicon Dragon is Winning the Tech Race?
12/21/2007, China Web 2.0 Review

Tech Talk Blog
San Jose Mercury News

Silicon Dragon, How China is Winning the Tech Race
11/ 12/2007, Blog – Jake Ludington’s MediaBlab

How China is Winning the Tech Race
11/ 1/ 2007, Blog – Net Jacobsson,
director of international business, Facebook


Ming Pao
July 2, 2008
San Francisco
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Sing Tao Daily News
July 1, 2008
San Francisco
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World Journal
June 3, 2008
New York
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Premature Prognosis
July 13, 2008
Business Today, New Delhi
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The Silicon Route
June 28, 2008
Telekha Weekly, New Delhi
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Set to lead
June 15, 2008
The Financial Express, New Delhi
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